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Niagara is the largest wine production region in Canada. With a steady annual 3.2% growth rate in sales, Ontario’s wine industry is a reliable accelerator for economic growth and job creation in the Niagara Region and the province. In 2019, our industry contributed over $1 billion to Canada’s GDP. Today, Niagara is primed to become a flourishing, robust economic region and a world-class wine and tourism destination.  Click here to read the report.

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We welcome you to read the fourth annual Ontario Wine and Grape Industry Performance Study. This benchmarking survey is part of the Ontario government’s five year $75 million renewed Wine and Grape Strategy to support the growth and success of Ontario’s wine and grape industry.

The survey and report were developed by VQA Ontario and Deloitte in consultation with representatives of the wine and grape industry and the Government of Ontario. This report provides an overview of the present state of the industry based on a comprehensive survey of active wineries and grape growers. Information is presented on the financial state of the industry, including the impact on tourism and hospitality.

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